Oakwood Latino Association
Promote, Provide and Prepare

Oakwood Latino Association

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O.L.A is Spanish speaking community in Oakwood University composed of Hispanic Oakwood Professors, Staff, Alumni, and continues to promote recruitment to potential Latino students abroad and within the U.S in efforts to benefit Oakwood University in a social, cultural, demographical and financial aspect. O.L.A has joined efforts to enroll 6 Latino students through Oakwood University this Fall 2010 semester with 5 more students on the way for Spring 2010, and a possibility for more. The smooth transition of these 6 students this spring has spread and has sparked interest in several hispanic churches. More and more inquiries regarding Oakwood the University have reached O.L.A as a result of the recent success stories from former Oakwood Latino graduates as well and present students. We would also like to report that we have successfully assisted in the graduation of 3 of our students. It is our desire to continue our successful collaborations for the near future as we continue to provide these students with opportunities to reach their academic goals.

Spanish Club AY
Spanish Club AY Friday nights have served as a platform for present Oakwood students to utilize what they’ve learned inside of the classroom in a spiritual setting. Students have immersed themselves into a cul- ture that they’ve learned about in books or studied abroad for a year. Here students have presented devo- tions in spanish, musical specials in spanish, been able to partake of spanish meals through fellowship with Latinos at Oakwood hence enriching their interpersonal skills with individuals from a different culture.
Sabbath Church Services
As courtesy and fellowship, O.L.A also offers bilingual Sabbath services for all in the Mosely Complex. Services range from morning devotionals, sabbath class to worship and divine worship service in spanish. This encourages non-latinos as well a latinos to participate in worship in spanish.